About Tamara Nascimento

As vice president of several companies owned by her husband in Luanda, Angola, Tamara Nascimento brings diversified management expertise to her work, along with a strong background in government and private contracting. At CRM-Africa Telecom, Tamara Nascimento and her team offer telecommunications software and systems to institutions throughout Angola, with a key specialization in call center outsourcing. In tandem with this work, she helps run Advance Consulting and Health Systems, a technology-driven business that provides the full spectrum of information and communications equipment to clients in the healthcare industry. Founded in 2004, Ms. Nascimento’s Jupiter Development Computer has become a key player in system upgrades to various government administrations, as well as in equipment sales, technical support, and training. Other firms operated by Ms. Nascimento and her husband include Orcangola Systems, AngolaPrev, and DGM Systems.

With more than 3,000 professionals employed nationwide, the companies run by Ms. Nascimento and her husband help move the Angolan economy toward a sustainable future. In addition, she funds a scholarship program to support talented young Angolans as they seek education at home and abroad.


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