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Social Growth Steadily Rising in Angola

A vice president of various companies, Tamara Nascimento works to encourage social growth in Luanda, Angola. Her specific efforts to achieve such growth include promoting direct and indirect jobs, sponsoring scholarships for young people, and providing advanced services to the growing social atmosphere.

Tamara Nascimento’s efforts are one of the many that have contributed to the social development of Angola. In 2006, four years after the conclusion of a nearly 30-year civil war, the country achieved the highest rate of GDP growth in Africa, at 20 percent. The economic and social improvements of the country are now on a steady rise with the increase of oil revenue and public spending, and the country’s government has responded to the encouraging progress by continuing to cite reconstruction, rehabilitation of social infrastructure, and health and education improvement as priority areas of development.

Actively attending to these priorities, the Angolan government has signed for an aid program through the assistance of the European Commission. The EC will work under the 10th European Development Fund to govern economic and institutional reform, support social and rural development, and oversee agriculture and food security.